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On-Line Tours Available: Ideal for Groups, Companies and Organizations

Do you have co-workers or people in your organization who would like to learn more about New York City's history and neighborhoods?

In addition to offering guided walking tours I have a great variety of online presentations that run anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes. This is a great option if the people in your group are spread out over a large geographic area and to maximize participation and save time. I have made presentations to Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups and community organizations.

Below is a partial list of topics and tours:

  • New York City Trivia

  • A Virtual Tour Around Manhattan: 400 Years of History

  • Four Squares: From Madison Square to Union Square

  • Morningside Heights: An American Acropolis

  • Unknown Manhattan: Audubon Terrace and Jumel Terrace

  • Jeopardy: New York City Style!

  • Walk on the Wild Side: Favorite Places in NYC to Enjoy Nature

  • Women's History Tour

  • Harlem's Magnificent Hamilton Heights aand Sugar Hill

  • New York City: A History of Protest

  • Holiday Celebration: How NYC Re-invented Christmas

  • East Harlem and Randall's Island

  • A South Brooklyn Adventure: Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn

  • Governor's Island

  • New York City and the American Revolution

  • Alexander Hamilton's New York

  • A Journey through Queens: Forest Hills Gardens, Forest Park and Ridgewood

  • Veterans Day: A Tour of NYC Memorials and Monuments

  • Lesser Known Westside: Manhattan Valley and Bloomingdale

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