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Happy Birthday Franklin Delano Roosevelt!

Born in Hyde Park, NY on January 30th in 1882, Roosevelt served as President of the United States from 1933-1945. He spearheaded the New Deal Legislation which helped steer the country out of he Great Depression. He and his administration created the Civilian Conservation Corps, Works Progress Administration and the Social Security System along with the first set of laws establishing a national minimum wage and preventing discrimination in employment.

He had served as Asst. Secretary of the Navy during the first World War and his presidency spanned WWII. He was a distant cousin of President Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1908), and married Eleanor Roosevelt who was Theodore's niece and Franklin's 5th cousin.

FDR did spent time in NYC, having studied Law at Columbia University (did not finish). He was also the Governor of NY State from 1929-1932. He was stricken with Polio in 1921 and spent part of the remainder of his life wheelchair bound.

Roosevelt also spent time at the adjoining townhouses at 47-49 East 65th Street in Manhattan. These homes, now part of Hunter College were commissioned by FDR’s mother for the new couple as a Christmas gift. In 1908, Eleanor and FDR moved in to 49 East 65th Street while Sara Delano moved into 47 East 65th Street.

It was largely during their residence here that the most significant events and political policy contributions by Eleanor and FDR were made. Roosevelt recovered from his diagnosis of polio here in 1921, began his ascent into politics as a New York senator, was elected President and inked the New Deal. Eleanor was very involved with the Women’s Trade Union League at this time and forging equality in women’s rights (Untapped Cities).

The houses, which are NYC landmarks, can be visited by the public. Information via this

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