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Sunnyside Queens: Food Culture at its Best!

(photo courtesy of the New York Times)

Besides being just 15-20 minutes by subway to midtown Manhattan, and boasting one of the nation's oldest garden communities in Sunnyside Gardens, this neighborhood boasts a wonderful array of ethnic restaurants and quaint cafe's. Italian, Mexican, Turkish, Japanese, Tibetan, Romanian, Korean, Paraguayan, French, Irish Pub Fare and some excellent pizza is just the beginning. And housing is affordable for both rentals and sales. There's also an all-year-round Saturday green-market. On Sunday, January 26th I hosted the first open house at my one bedroom for sale at 41-31 51st Street and I was busy non-stop. Check out the details here:

I personally like both the urban vibe juxtaposed against the quaint streets with the town homes in the Sunnyside Gardens Historic District. Dramatic views looking West to the Manhattan skyline. Stroll Skillman Avenue and Queens Boulevard for restaurants.

Here some articles highlighting some of the history, restaurants and neighborhood attractions:

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