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Garance Dore Made Her Dreams Come True

Garance Doré has a motivating and inspiring story. Years ago, she was looking for a way to use her fabulous illustrations by way of creating a career that would be fun! Sounds familiar.

The interesting part though is that everyone turned her down! So she decided to go on her own and put everything into her own blog. And successfully she did I might add. Now very well known among the fashion communities in both Paris and NY, Garance has really made a name for herself and further has found a way to make a living off her passions. Well done!!

Lucky for me, I meet Garance a few times in Paris during fashion week and she was as cool and chic as she comes across online. Also I love that I am able to personally enjoy her illustrations/Card Collection at home (pictured below and right of the French girl I want to be).

Merci Beaucoup!

To check out Garance’s Page click here!

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