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Bloomingdale’s Haunted?

As a lady in the city, you hear the name Bloomingdale’s, our minds, of course, go only to one place. The most fashionable shopping mecca in New York City, in the Upper East Side. However a long long time ago, 1821 to be precise, there was a much – haha – MUCH different Bloomy’s that people would visit. The part of town I am referring to is what we now know as Columbia University territory. However, when the University was 50 blocks in its former location, here then existed ‘the Bloomingdale Insane Asylum’ covering 38 acres of farmland! This was the ‘first mental hospital in the state’. Who knew?? not me! The hospital first catered up to 200 people but then finally only to the wealthy and eli


Built in 1884 and commissioned by the founder of Singer Sewing Machines, Edward Clark, this building is truly one of a kind. I say that in truth not only to be poetic. Named Dakota since in the late 1800’s this was the only building in his area. So far West and so far North, rightfully so named after the state that is so far away in comparison to New York. This building so magnificent, comes 2nd only to Versailles and Buckingham Palace. No two apartments alike and cost ranging from $4 million – $30 million. Oddly in the 20th century the rent at the Dakota was affordable and after WW2 they declared rent control! Having the same architect as that of The Plaza Hotel… ever notice there are no fi

Garance Dore Made Her Dreams Come True

Garance Doré has a motivating and inspiring story. Years ago, she was looking for a way to use her fabulous illustrations by way of creating a career that would be fun! Sounds familiar. The interesting part though is that everyone turned her down! So she decided to go on her own and put everything into her own blog. And successfully she did I might add. Now very well known among the fashion communities in both Paris and NY, Garance has really made a name for herself and further has found a way to make a living off her passions. Well done!! Lucky for me, I meet Garance a few times in Paris during fashion week and she was as cool and chic as she comes across online. Also I love that I am able

Interview with Nicolai from Commerce Restaurant in West Village

Living your life with a touch of Je ne sais quoi, as the French would say, is rather special. Meaning, I don’t know what. I don’t know what it is but something makes this special. Who doesn’t love the European laid back way to life? Please meet, the West Village and how to live as the Europeans do, but here. New York City, Manhattan in general is an incredible place to live. Visitors get a glimpse but living here brings a whole new meaning. Where you live, whichever fabulous district you choose, says something about you. Upper West side, Gramercy… West Village. Bringing the phrase back, I don’t know what it is but there is something so impressive and special about the West Village. Allow me

Interview with Nick Gray from Museum Hack

Glitz. Glam. Old vs New. Lifestyle in the Upper East Side is unique. Even though not the oldest part of New York City, it thrives with history among the uber rich. This is the area where the 19th century old family wealth built country mansions (think Vanderbilts) and some where never even lived in. That’s right, up to 17 bedrooms – never saw life. Today, this is where new money also resides. Think, Madonna, Woody Allen and Gossip Girl. The Upper East Side brings class, beauty and museum lovers. From the Ralph Lauren style to Museum Mile. A world larger than the average life to hidden stories behind closed doors. Museum Mile and mansions, parallel. Starting with the former home of Andrew Ca